November 24, 2014No Comments

New Hampshire




A couple of weeks ago, Young and I drove up the New Hampshire to catch the tail end of the fall foliage. The weather was quite temperamental. One minute it wanted to be moody and hazy, the next there was bright blue skies and puffy clouds. Some places looked as if autumn had just began and other places winter had already settled in. There was even a slight dusting of snow right before we left. Nevertheless, it was nice just to relax and explore. My goal is to have conditioned myself as well as my knees to do the Franconia Ridge hike next year some time. Wish me luck.

Photography by Ms. Yvonne Lin

August 18, 2014No Comments

Martha’s Vineyard





Over 4th of July, Young and I went to Martha's Vineyard for a little getaway. We drove up on that rainy Thursday evening and spent the night at Young's brother's place in Boston. We then got an early start the next morning to take the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard. Simply put, the weekend was wonderful. The island reminded me of the laid-back attitude of Hawaii but on the east coast with different terrain. Because we were trying to pack light, I only packed my point and shoot. I'm pleasantly pleased with the quality of the photos and think I might not travel with my chunky monkey of a DSLR anymore. We'll see...

Photography by Ms. Yvonne Lin

April 7, 20142 Comments

Visiting Southern California


This past weekend we went out to LA for a nice but long overdue vacation :) We wanted to explore a little bit of everything from Malibu beach to Joshua tree. There is so much to see, we'll have to take another trip back some day. Nevertheless, a short but eventful couple of days! Looking to plan our next adventure :) Where should we go next?

Photography by Ms. Yvonne Lin

December 9, 2013No Comments

Hiking the Delaware Water Gap







I've been late on posts these days, but I finally got a free weekend to catch up a little on editing. About a month ago, some friends and I went to catch the last of the fall foliage up in the Delaware Water Gap. We hiked Mt. Tammany, which is one of my favorite hikes I've been on so far. Love the view and the hike isn't too strenuous, about 4 miles. Perfect for someone with a bum knee. There are several more trails up that way that I would like to explore. Maybe when it warms up a bit, I think I'm ready to hibernate for a while :)

Photography by Ms. Yvonne Lin